Families And Caregivers:

Family caregivers are very dedicated.  In many cases they provide individualized care from sunrise to sunset with little time for their own needs.  Some families talk about rushing to the grocery store or pharmacy and worrying about the safety of their loved one.  Few take time to visit with friends or other family members, exercise, read, watch a favorite television show, or go see a sporting event.  These activities are very important in keeping a caregiver healthy and happy.

Once a caregiver begins bringing their loved one to Heartland Harmony, they just don’t know what they did without it.  It gives them a much-needed break.  One caregiver would return home and take a nap.  Other caregivers would schedule doctors’ appointments during the time their loved ones were at Heartland Harmony.  Another one used the time to take care of business appointments.

The staff and volunteers work with family caregivers to teach them ways to interact with their loved ones to create “harmony” between the caregiver and care receiver.